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With over 7 million people packed into 400 square miles, the city of Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, and the architecture reflects it.

Australian photographer Peter Stewart traveled to Hong Kong and captured these symmetrical images of the city’s numerous high rises.

Symmetrical Photographs of Hong Kong’s Towering High Rises

via Huffington Post

This happened.

The Return of the Super Sunday Soundtrack Series!

It’s Sunday, and what better way to celebrate it than with the return of me! Talking about some super soundtracks!

Ok, so it’s been a good while since I’ve talked about soundtracks (one of my favourite genres), so I may just be a tad bit rusty about this.

I’ve seen a few good movies these past few weeks, but the most recent Netflix gem that I stumbled upon was actually a concert for the music from Inside Llewyn Davis. That movie actually has a LOT of great tunes, and Oscar Isaac did an amazing job - highly recommend people seeing it - if you can tolerate folksy “musicals” (I don’t want to call it a musical, but it does have a bunch of songs being performed…so…yea.)

The concert that I found though - Another Day, Another Time - celebrated the music and artists that either were involved with the film, or were also in the same vein as the music featured on the soundtrack.

So, I watched and laughed and felt content once it was over…and then immediately felt like watching it again. I also discovered a few new favourite artists - The Avett Brothers, The Punch Brothers, and especially The Milk Carton Kids.

One of my favourite performances of the night was a song called “The Auld Triangle”. A few things struck me about it:

  1. Marcus Mumford has a crazy vocal range.
  2. Chris Thile (main man) can get away with being “not Irish”
  3. I now have to look into traditional Irish folk songs, since I love hearing the harmonies and the melodies

Check out both the film and the concert - seriously. So. Good.


I’m a Netflix Junkie.

Been watching Hannibal on Netflix.

So good. Great cinematography too. Lighting is great. Acting…also great. Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter is real great.

It’d be pretty hard to be on a show like that though. Especially on the special effects team and on the props team. Making all of them fake body parts…bah.

Not really…natural. Is it?

It’s a quarter to one…in the morning. I definitely should be sleeping.



So my 15-year-old self looked into the future and decided I needed something to hold my phone. Good on ya, old self! Needs a bit of new coat of paint though.