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Coldplay - Amsterdam
Lovely #lyrics (and poster made by #moi) #vampireweekend #yahey

“Someone take these dreams away,
That point me to another day,
A duel of personalities,
That stretch all true realities.”


"Dead Souls" by Joy Division.

Ian Curtis: July 15, 1956 - May 18, 1980.

we are still far from over…

I keep stalling out

I just can’t keep up

There’s alarming doubt,

Am I good enough?

But you keep coming around to convince me it’s still far from over…

- “Stall Out" by MuteMath

“Even from the way that he is near me
Making me unendingly teary
Makes me remember the things that I forgot
It’s as much what it is as what it is not…”

—   Feist’s “The Circle Married the Line”, from Metals